Request for Live Radio stations to be added

Thanks again Noris. I just got my replacement NP, which works WAY better than the original. At least so far. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, can you please add the following radio stations to your list? I can’t figure out how to add them myself and get them to play properly. I’d rather just select them from your master list. I think most have higher bitrate streams, which I’ve tried to fid for you.

Thank you.

  1. KFMG

  2. KGOU

  3. KPTZ

  4. KZFR

  5. NHPR

  6. WDRT

  7. WGMC

  8. WJWJ

  9. WMUM (GPB Radio)

  10. WAER

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Hi @Jon_Lewis,

Glad to hear your new Nucleus is working as expected! I have shifted your request over to the #live-radio section and have flagged down our Internet Radio moderator @BrianW for you.

@Jon_Lewis They should all be there now. Please check.
I added the extra Jazz and Rock streams for WAER while I was at it.

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Thanks Brian, that’s amazing. And I really appreciate it.

Can you add one more for me? It’s WESM, a 128kbps station out of Maryland that has some pretty good blues shows. Here’s the link:

Done, please check.

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Works perfectly, thank you. And thanks for being so accommodating for new radio requests. I’ constantly finding new shows to listen to while quarantined.

No problem - I’m quarantined too!