Request for Re-sending ROON Installation File and Question About Metadata Re-assignment (ref#6XLS12)

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Dear Sir or Madame,
I have a ROON license and had the app installed on my laptop computer. I am fascinated by all the features ROON offers.
A few days ago I had a fatal breakdown of my laptop’s hard disk drive. Fortunately there is a back-up of all the data of my ROON installation.
Meanwhile my laptop is fixed again, but the installation of ROON is not available anymore. Would you please re-send me the ROON installation file, so that ROON can be re-installed on my “new” laptop computer .
Let me add an additional question: Do I have to re-assign all the metadata from ROON to the “physical” data from my CD collection on the new hard disk drive?

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Laptop Lenovo ThinkPad X230 Tablet, 16 GB RAM, SAMSUNG SSD 500GB, WINDOWS 10, about 10 years old (except hard disk drive new).

Connected Audio Devices

Audio BLOCK CVR-100+ and several SONOS products via WLAN

Home Network Details

WLAN offered by FRITZ!Box 6660 Cable

You can download it here:

I have never had Roon die on me, but I suppose the procedure is like moving Roon to a new server. Ensure that the music storage is available on the new Roon machine (how to do that depends on where you had stored it before). Then, when you start Roon for the first time, there is an option to log in or to restore from a backup. Choose the restore from backup option. I.e., as described here:

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