Request for recommendation Roon Renderer

I need some help.
Currently I run Roon on a MacBook, HD attached to that. From there I use a La Rosita as a renderer and an Audio Note DAC.
This chain is too long so I want to replace the Macbook and the La Rosita with a pure Roon renderer.
The only requirement is sound quality (of course) but also a SPDIF connector.
Any recommendations?

What is your budget? Are you willing to buy used equipment?

What you running your Roon Core on?

Well - needs to fit to the overall Audio Note environment but for sure not unlimited.
Currently - as mentioned - Roon Core is running on the MacBook.
Used - if in mint condition - fine.

W4S EJ Sarmento makes good stuff…

You might also check with Andrew Gillis at Small Green Computer.

Thanks - they all look interesting but do not have a SPDIF interface towards the DAC

The W4S MS I posted. …says Coax and Optical outputs…I’d call W4S and confirm.

The Small Green Computer stuff would have to get chained. Server, with Ultrarendu/microrendu and Sonore Ultradigital converter. The latter takes USB and splits it from USB to I2S/SPDIF BNC. Only works with Sonore players.

Looking at the W4S MS owners manual it also says SPDIF outputs. The software looks like Sonore stuff.

thanks - looks interesting.

W4S is well built. I still have a multichannel amp in use from 2011, and other components which were upgraded from my originals. Stuff is near bullet proof.

Was thinking about could have some options too