Request for zoomable album art

I love the ability to view album art that is on my NAS from within Roon. One tweak that would help this immensely is the ability to zoom in on the art. Some of the type is might small. Sometimes I have two page spread that often is unreadable unless zoomed.



Mine does zoom…?

Moved to feature requests…

I assume you mean over and above the normal max view size that exists today ie more than full window image?

Thanks… sorry I didn’t see that section.

Yes. If I tap, it goes sorta full screen but not very much bigger. I mean like you can pinch zoom a photo on a phone or tablet. Be able to zoom in to read small print.

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check your image size, 200/200 is very small whatever you do but 800/800 goes very full screen. That’s the size I add on ripping.
Screenshot from iPad Pro

If you save your pictures, booklets as pdf they will open in safari and then you can zoom in.

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Thanks for the suggestions guys, but…

I get full screen. My images range from 500x500 up for the most part. It doesn’t matter how high the resolution if the image is still only the size of the screen. This is on an 8" tablet. Some art is of the back of vinyl album covers with small type, some are two page spreads which can make the type very small. I suppose a bigger tablet could help with some of it, but zoomability is a much more elegant and universal solution.

Regarding converting to pdf. I have mostly jpg’s and can view them in other apps and zoom easily. This is within Roon building on the wonderful feature of viewing album art without leaving the app.

Just a thought … why use Safari if the iPad has Adobe Reader installed, surely that can be checked in code

Adobe Reader is much nicer than having to manoever a browser


    1. (pinch)-zoom of artwork on a tablet.

Indeed, it would be a nice features.

zoom on tablet would be nice. I really like to see the booklets and printed info to know more about my item vs trusting Roon fields. 1024x1024 scans seem to work well.

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Another vote for the ability to zoom in to album art. I have many large scans of fold-out booklets and cannot read the text without being able to zoom to an arbitrary factor. This would also require the ability to scroll the zoomed image up/down/left/right.

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I 13th this request. I use Roon exclusively on my phone and the album art / liner notes are too small to see without being able to zoom.

Your certainly not getting the best from Roon just using a phone app as it is a cut down application.

Well, that’s my primary way of interacting with Roon. I spend too much time in front of a computer to begin with so I’d prefer to limit it when I can. Not that a phone is any better mind you…