Request help to optimize my HQPlayer 4 settings

I am attaching two copies of my settings and I would like your advice on how to fine-tune these settings. I mainly listen to jazz but also pop/rock and a bit of classical. I use a MacBook Pro, Roon Nucleus, a Wattson digital connected to a Chord Hugo DAC. Thanks in advance.

Moved to hqplayer.

My excuses ! old age is a shipwreck. I will see how to attach the missing photos.

I’m afraid my photo links aren’t working. My little knowledge of English does not help me.

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Set “DAC Bits” to 24.

What is the maximum output rate you can get with this combination?

Your current settings are otherwise a good starting point. I would suggest to take a look at the manual, there are some suggestions in the filter table.

Hello Jussi,

‘’What is the maximum output rate you can get with this combination?’’

where should I read this information?

Your current settings are also a good starting point. I would suggest taking a look at the manual, there are some suggestions in the filter table.

‘’ In which filter table? ‘’

When you play through HQPlayer, it is reported both in HQPlayer main window and also in Roon stream status popup.

The one in the PDF manual…

there are indeed suggestions in the table of filters in the manual and I have already used them for a few tries to arrive at the one I sent you but I was hoping to have a more relevant choice than mine advised by a forum user. Regarding the maximum output rate, I did not understand so I do not see what information I can communicate to you.

I assure you, the sound I get with my current settings using Roon/HQPlayer is far from being a punishment. To be honest, I prefer it to Audirvana Studio, JRiver, Amarra. The only criticism that I find with HQPlayer is the extreme difficulty, for me I hear, of exploiting all its qualities. We have nothing for nothing you tell me!

What do you see as output format here:
Screenshot from 2022-04-16 02-57-50

192k / 24 / 2 → 44.1k / 16 / 2

In this case I would change the Nx filter to poly-sinc-ext2 as well, since you are converting sampling rates down instead of up. You can also try something like poly-sinc-gauss-long.

However, I would recommend to look into some other interface towards your DAC, such as Audiowise SRC-DX. Because it can do much more than 44.1/16.

Thank you Jussi. Good Sunday;

Audiowise SRC-DX connect to Wattson Emerson Digital ?

SRC-DX connects to Mojo2/Hugo2/Qutest/HugoTT2/Dave the same way M-Scaler does.

If you have Hugo1 it won’t work

Hello dabassgoesboomboom,

I understood that I can connect the Audiowise SRC-DX to the Qutest but to which equipment is the Audiowise SRC-DX input connected.

Sorry but I totally discover the Audiowise SRC-DX.

To your Mac…

Very well.

I have my music stored on a Nucleus that I control from an Ipad to avoid turning on my Mac.

If I want to use Roon with HQPlayer/Audiowise SRC-DX, unless I’m mistaken, I have to turn on my Mac.

Every time I want to add equipment, I win on one side and lose it on the other.

The adventure in the world of Hi-Fi is a real way of the cross for an uninitiated like me.

I’m not discouraged though!

But you are running your HQPlayer on your Mac anyway and have your DAC connected to the Mac?

Yes of course ! to enjoy your excellent software.