Request help with set up

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)**
Dell all in one i7 windows 10 connected to router via supra8 Ethernet this is a snug room next to router.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
The Sky router 79 Mbps has a booster in lounge with 45 mbs where a Chord C Ethernet cable is connected.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
The lounge is where I have KEFLS 50 wireless.

Description Of Issue
I have tried connecting Supra 8 20 m Ethernet cable to router and speaker but sound is inferior to chord cable connected to booster.

According to Roon this makes no sense nor to me. Should I be more concerned with how my streamer the dell is connected to router or the connection from router to kef speaker which has Roon end point.

Any advice apprecIted as emailed kef and had no response.

Currently disappointed with sound but noticed 8nprovement when supra 8 connected to router from pc. It sound best but still using booster with spchord c to speaker.

I guess many are much more up on systems but value any simple guidance . I tried using the chord c Ethernet linked to pc and router and found that made sound much much poorer.

Have you tried using standard Cat 6 (UTP) cable. Both of your cables are shielded Cat 8 with grounded connectors. You may have a ground loop in your system or worse, the shielding may be acting as an antenna. Cat 8 cables should only be used with equipment which is fully compatible with the shielding and grounding scheme used in Cat 8. It’s designed for use in high speed 25Gbs and 40Gbs switch to switch communications in crowded, (electrically) noisy switch rooms and data centres and in industrial environments. It’s not necessary for domestic cabling environments.

I get really annoyed with audio companies peddling Cat 8 “audiophile” network cables as the holy grail when they clearly fail to comprehend the Cat 8 standard and its intended application.


Very good suggestion. I went back to the cat 6 cable supplied and huge difference between that And cat 8 but not so between the cat 7 chord c
So have decided on a good cat 6 cable to connect equipment from router. Hope the speed of 79 direct from router will make the difference now as still relying on the booster
Thanks for suggestion

Hi Alister, don’t be tempted to spend silly money on Cat6 cable. Any, and I really do mean ANY competently made UTP Cat6 compliant cable will do the trick. The wiring in my house which runs from the patch panels to the wall ports is standard infrastructure grade LSZH Cat6 UTP. The Cat6 patch leads from the wall ports to the equipment and from the patch panel to the switch are low cost items I bought from Amazon. Even my optical fibre OM3 links on the 10Gb switch ports were only a few pounds each.

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