Request: Open in TIDAL

FYI, my real request is to sync Roon playlists to TIDAL. In the absence of that:

I would like to click the ... of an album or song and “Open in TIDAL”.

Reason: I want to make playlists in Roon and sync them to TIDAL. Right now, the steps I have to take are:

  1. Switch to TIDAL
  2. Search for the album / song
  3. Make sure I find the right version
  4. Add it to playlist

By adding an “open in TIDAL” button, I can go straight to the album / song I’m looking for and add it to my playlist.

Thank you for considering this request.

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I assume this is because when not at home you have the use the Tidal app?

Yep. Sometimes I drive, get on a plane, go for a walk, or go to a friend’s house, and still want to listen to music :slight_smile: Also downloading TIDAL playlists is great for when I don’t have an internet connection or just want to save bandwidth on my phone.

Thought so - the idea of course is we should not need to use anything at all - anywhere, so I would prefer they put their energy into making that happen :wink:

How much energy will it take to add a link to information they already have? vs designing, implementing, and licensing a super-amazing-on-the-go experience?

It can be done very very trivially as a phase one implementation that would work over VPN as is. In fact for some platforms it is already possible, just not for iOS (due to limited VPN capability in iOS).

Obvious a fully out of home experience requires a lot more thought - transcoding to reduce mobile bandwidth use needs to be considered, how to gateway into a home NAS without VPN setup etc, any extra security that may be needed etc.

Meanwhile, I can go to any album or playlist in the TIDAL app, tap the “download” button, and it’s available to me everywhere, no network connection required.

TIDAL already has a mobile experience that works. Syncing playlists from Roon to TIDAL would make the mobile experience available to TIDAL users, same way that exporting playlists from Roon to local files makes mobile experience available to local-file users.

I would love the full Roon experience on-the-go, but don’t expect it, and certainly not immediately. Using Roon as a “home base” to create playlists to take with me is a big improvement over trying to do everything in TIDAL. In other words:

  1. “Open in TIDAL” – 20% solution, easy-peezy
  2. “Sync playlist to TIDAL” – 80% solution, seems straightforward but I don’t know the details
  3. “Roon-on-the-go” – 100% solution, challenging and time-consuming