Request: Radio station Island 98.5 - Honolulu

Hi there,

would it be possible to add the station from subject title, please?

Thanks and cheers!

Done. Added as Island 98.5. Please check.
We don’t yet have Hawaii as a location, so you’ll need to use the magnifying glass to search for it.

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Hm, it is not working. I get an error like playback was interrupted because the track failed to load.

Hmm, it’s working for me. What about other stations - in particular ones with .aac streams?

And a shot in the dark - do you run the core on a Qnap?

Good shot, yes, my Core is on Qnap - TVS-872XT. Other stations work, but have not paid attention to .aac streams, l’ll check that too.

Then you are affected by the .aac codecs being disabled in the latest QNAP update. @crieke has offered to help, see

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Yes, googled it in the meantime and fixed it already, working fine now.
Thank a lot for the support, I appreciate it.

Gosh, you’re quick! Well done.

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