Request to Cancel Subscription Auto-Renewal (ref#OGD27F)

I am very frustrated that there is no easy way to make sure my subscription does not auto renew in November. I do not use it enough to justify costs, and you are raising costs by 25%, which is just another example of a post pandemic money grab and insulting. Please confirm that my account will not renew. Thank you!!!

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I also believe you can cancel via logging in to your Roon account here -

Once cancelled you won’t be billed from my experience early on with Roon before I became a lifer. :innocent:


Hey @Jeff_Costantin,

We’re so sorry that it wasn’t apparent you could cancel your subscription anytime from your account page. @AMT is exactly right — thank you for chiming in.

I wanted to confirm that you have successfully canceled your yearly subscription. There will be no automatic renewal, rather, the subscription will just end in November.

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Always happy to help. I’m glad I was correct on this occasion :face_with_hand_over_mouth::wink:

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