Request to fix the overlay over albums created by multiple selected tags

Hi. There is a UI issue when selecting multiple tags (in my case excluding them). The filter overlays the albums and I can’t tell which version I’m looking at: the TIDAL one or my own. Please have a look in the attached image to see what I’m talking about.
What you are looking at there is my way of selecting any album that doesn’t have a tag. This is useful when I’m adding new albums to the library. Of course, this wouldn’t be necessary if there was a filter in the focus function that lets me select albums that have/don’t have tags.



Hey Dusty,

In Album Browser try:

Focus > Inspector > Has Genre, the click to make it a “-“.

It looks like you are talking about Genres. You should probably refer to them as a Genres and not Tags, since a Roon does have a Tags feature.

The Roon guys should still fix the issue of the overlay of the albums though.

Cheers, Greg

Greg, im not talking about genres. It just happens my tags are named after genres. Im not interested in the genres that Roon or Tidal provides, because they are too granular. Im interested in a more generic genre for my music so i created tags that act like genres. So no, the focus-inspector-has genre doesnt fix the problem.

Ah, I see. I stand corrected.

Cheers, Greg

I thought the same thing…but yes there is no way to show non tagged in albums in the inspector options…seems like a good thing to be able to do.

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Sounds like an excellent Feature Request to me…

I second this request. But as hinted by @Greg and if I’m not missing something (still quite new to roon) I’d like to broaden the feature scope to tags and genres. :smiley:

While the overlay is still bearable here (Notebook):

… this is not (Tablet):

Any news about this? This looks like a really easy fix.

My hunch is that their “total” UI overhaul is probably close enough to release that they aren’t releasing any changes to the UI, more or less, until they do that big release.

I agree this is basically a bug. It’s clearly not fatal to usage, but it is the kind of thing that gets smoothed out as a product matures.

245 days since this has been reported. 245 days of frustration. Every single day. If they would at least say that this is going to be fixed in the redesign and that the redesign is close to completion it would ease the pain. But they are not so i have to struggle with this. The number of tags in that list has grown and on the ipad it covers the frist row of albums. I cannot see them at all so i cant interact with them. This is just awful. Not sure how much i can take this. I know this is not a deal braker for many but for me it kind of is. I add tens of albums in my library every week and i tag all of them.

This is still not fixed in Roon 1.6. A year old issue with a promise to fix. You are probably waiting for the redesign while I cant even select albums to tag properly since the first row is now completely covered. Thanks!

Where was this “promise to fix” given? The only thing that the Roon Labs team has said is that a major UI design is in the works - and it’s still in the works as far as I can see…

You could easily solve this by adding a “Has tags” checkbox in the inspector in the focus pop up. Then I wouldn’t have to do this.