Requesting advice for moving from Sonos Play:5's

Hi all - I’m after some advice about moving up from a Sonos setup.

I’m currently using two Sonos Play:5’s connected to Roon (core running in a separate room), a 1991 Denon CD player and a 2018 Denon LP player. (As an aside, I also have a Sonos 5.1 setup in the living room and a Play:1 in the kitchen.)

I’d like to upgrade from the Play:5’s first, and then the turntable later.

Can you give me any recommendations for speakers and an amp and/or a DAC please, that would be a decent step up? Preferably Roon ready as that’s going to be the main input.

I know I need to listen to anything before buying but I don’t know where to even start.

Thank you!

I don’t have any recommendations. However, you may need to narrow down a little bit. For instance, do you want a small, stand alone speaker to replace the 5’s or do you want an amp and DAC plus stereo speakers, etc. Also, maybe establish a budget amount you want to spend to replace each of the 5’s. Do you want to spend $500 each or $5,000 each, etc. Also, how large are the two rooms and what type of rooms? Are they 10X12 feet bedrooms or 15X20 feet family room, etc.?

Thanks for replying @Jim_F and pointing out the few missing details :smiley:

I’m not going to replace all of the Sonos’ just the two Play:5’s in my study; the room is 14x11 feet.

My aim is to improve the audio quality but I really don’t know if I want stand alone speakers or amp+dac+speakers. That’s why I’m asking really. I’ve watched reviews on Youtube (Darko etc.) but there’s so many combinations of equipment.

I’d be willing to spend £1,200 for a pair of speakers and if needed £500 each on an amp and dac…

So what would be a good ‘upgrade’ from a pair of Play:5’s?

Thanks again!

There are a lot of great powered speakers out there with built in DAC, roon end points built in, etc. (KEF, Dynaudio, Peachtree, etc.)

I’ve heard quite of a few of these and the most impressive pair I’ve heard for the money are the Totems. They don’t have Roon built in so you would need a Roon endpoint, but overall I was amazed at the sound quality you can get for just over USD$1k

Of course speakers are like shoes … different fit for different people. I’d look into some auditions and you can get a great endpoint from Allo to feed them if Roon isn’t built in.