Required Remote Core Software Update Not Downloading on first Starting NUC

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Intel NUC Roon Optimised Core Kit running on Intel NUC (Core i7, 16GB RAM).
Operating System Version 1. Build 219 stable
Roon Server Software Version 1.5 (build 354) stable

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Wired Etherenet on DHCP.
Provider Virgin (on pass through to DECO wireless router/extender system). There is an Ethernet cable from the back of the main DECO to a port in the wall of my living room. From that port a cable connnects to a 4 port TP-Link powered switch (which is otherwise working fine) and the Intel NUC running the Roon Rock server software is connected to that switch.

There is a flashing green light next to the Ethernet cable on the relevant switch port and likewise the light on the switch on the Roon Rock Sever (intel nuc) is flashing green on one side and is steady orange on the other side.

DHCP - IP address 192.168.140
Gateway address

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
Unable to get that far because Roon remote just shows that a software update is required

Description Of Issue
The System appears to start up ok in terms of lights on etc. When I connect the Roon remote from my iPhone or iPad. It connects and then brings me to the “Software Update Needed” screen. It says “Remote Core (Roon Optimized Core Kit) - 1.5 (build 354) stable is downloading but the download does not progress. It has been sitting there for over an hour.

I have no other network or internet issues. The software can talk to my iOS devices so it is connecting to the network fine. I can go to the page and see the configuration/restart page. I have disabled WiFi to keep things simple. When I turned it on briefly there was no change. I’ve also restarted the device and that did not resolve the problem.

Is this a new build or an existing rock?
That is a really old version.

It is a new build (it arrived on the new machine).

@Calum_Forsyth those 2 IP ranges are on different subnets unless you typed them wrongly one is also not complete it looks like…thats not going to be helping I bet. sounds like its not getting to the internet

is the system using DHCP or Static IP setting?

Can you screen shot the ROCK GUI page?

Sorry. Yes I mis-typed the 192.168.140…it should read (they are indeed on the same subnet.
The system is using DHCP.
I’ve uploaded a photo.
Thanks for your help.

Sorry, the last phot was from the Roon remote page. This one is from the server GUI…

the DNS looks wrong to me… it should probably be and I would add a space and to that too, this is possibly some issue with your router DHCP service settings or you have some rather convoluted network.

perhaps more details on the network?

Maybe a drawing will help you and us determine what is connected to what…

The internet supply is from virgin (fibre). That comes through a virgin V6 box on pass through to a TPLink Deco Router/Wireless Access Point. The TPLink Deco is the DHCP server.

The settings on my laptop (that work!) are Default Gateway I guess I should try that?

I’ve just checked. The DNS is right I think. It is the virgin media DNS sever address. Drawing of network to follow.

OK. Problem Solved by reinstalling the Roon Server Software from the web console. No network changes required.

Thanks for your your suggestions and help anyway.


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