Required_services – I'm not sure my core has any?

I’m trying to get started with the API and want to use the Transport and Browse services. If I pass a required_services option to init_services as in the HTTP API, no cores pair. If I remove the required_services option, I the core pairs but its services object is empty.

(the HTTP API I linked to above does not work on my machine, for the same reason – no core with the required services gets found)

Is this a configuration problem on my part? All of the extension code that I’ve seen so far makes use of this required_services option, but so far I’m unable to actually access those services that (I think) Roon provides by default.

Hi @Pat_Maddox,

The Transport and Browse API need authorization from the user.

Have you enabled the extension via your Roon remote? You find it in Settings->Extensions.

Hey thanks for the quick reply!

Okay, so I figured it out: if my extension requires services, then it appears in the extensions page with an “enable” button next to it to authorize it. Once I authorize it, the extension will pair with the core. I had removed the required services, and so there was no Enable button to authorize it (no authorization needed).

Thank you for the pointer! I think I’m good for now… now I just need to figure out how the Browse API works.

@Jan_Koudijs is there any documentation / examples for the browse options? I’ve looked through every code base I can find that uses the Browse service, but I have no idea how to interact with it. The source code has a handful of functions, but apparently the magic is all in the opts

Unfortunately the API Documentation doesn’t include the Browse API.

The example I used is the roon-extension-web-testapp, the functions you should look at are refresh_browse and load_browse and the calls that are made to them.

@danny, @ben, It has been a while since the documentation has been touched, are there plans to pick this up again? Both the Browse and Settings API would be good candidates.