Requirements for 2.0 on Mac OS

I have seen conflicting information.

So, what is the minimum Mac OS requirements for installing Roon 2.0?

Roon 2.0 requires macOS Catalina (10.15.x) or later. Basically, most Macs that are less than ten years old should work.

One crucial point: Catalina. On Mac 27" Late 2013 (10 y old) Core i7 new 2.0 works nice. Definitely much better than 1.7 (so bad), and better than 1.8 latest ver (works good, but native .net is so, so good). So If you have 10.15 (now .7) you go, if not, you not. Of course maybe it will works, but Cat have many improvements, so…

Thanks, David. I am barely, just barely, in the arena,

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up and running fine

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I have an older Mac mini that I had been using, in part, as a Roon remote unit in the garage. It is not capable of running Catalina due to its age. Is there any way I can use that computer for Roon remote? Last I knew, in order to use a computer as a remote, you had to install the full version of Roon. I have 2.0 on my main server. Thank you.

The remote needs 10.15 just as well

Depending on the device, you may be able to use the unofficial Open Core Legacy Patcher to install Catalina or newer

Used minis that can work for you are very available at prices much cheaper than new. And they can pass 5.2 as well as 2.0.

Thank you. I will look into the Patcher program.

It seems like it might be time for Roon to issue a smaller product that can load and run on older machines and function solely as a remote. I can’t be the only one with a garage or workshop computer that could benefit from a limited functionality release.