'Rescan album' ignores changes to CD cover art. Is there a workaround?

I often want to replace a CD’s cover art after I’ve copied the ripped flac files and the associated Folder.jpg to my Nucleus’s drive. Getting Roon to recognize the new artwork rarely works and so I usually end up deleting the files and starting over. Even then, Roon seems to stubbornly cache the old cover art. No amount of rescanning the album in the editor, or cleaning up the library, helps to resolve this. Any thoughts out there?

Update: I finally managed to do this in the Album Editor under Edit Album / ALBUM ARTWORK / Add image, which (finally!) overrode the cached image.


I think it’s a three-part process.

  1. see what is there (scan)
  2. adding what was not there yet
  3. object identification with Roon data

The third step can still be done automatically days later. It would be helpful to do it manually immediately in urgent cases.

Hey @Steven_Erwin

I’m happy to see that you found the method to add your own album art images in the album editor. Well done!

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