Rescan Misses 20% Albums (Album Art Not Updating)

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Description of Issue

I recently built a Roon setup on my QNAP-NAS which is working just fine. However, about 20% of the album art did not show-up. I can get the artwork to show up for these albums if I manually rescan each album. But the Force Rescan option in Setting does nothing to cause the album art to appear.

I’m hoping I don’t have to manually rescan over 100 albums.

Any assistance with this would be appreciate.


Don’t have an answer but thought you might sample a few to see if there’s something different about them such as file or pixel size.

It could be the case that a global forced rescan ignores certain art characteristics a targeted rescan does not.

Shouldn’t, of course, but who knows.

Thanks for this suggestion … I just checked through various samples of undisplayed album art and found that, though they range from various file sizes and pixel parameters, there appears to be no specific characteristic causing this problem.

The test samples of my embedded album art were anywhere from 16.14 KB to 487 KB in file size, and 800x800 to 1400x1400 in pixel size, yet none of them appeared without a Manual Rescan.

Something in the way Roon automatically scans for album art appears to be broken …

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