Rescan no longer picks up new artwork

As above. Previously when I edited artwork (such as take out white edges from scanned covers) and forced a rescan of the album it would pick up the edited artwork and display the corrected cover.

This doesn’t seem to work any more. The old artwork stays.

System is RoonServer running on a Mac Mini with the music stored on a QNAP NAS.

I have found this to be a problem as well.

Are you having this issue with artwork in the file tags, or the folder?

@vova and I can test and get a bug report open if the issue is reproducible, so let us know @dpstjp

Folder. I prefer my tags there as it saves on storage.

Let me check the last album I changed didn’t also have artwork embedded in the tags.

Apologies, I checked the tags and there was the dodgy artwork. I suspect my ripping software has changed one of the preferences.

It would be great if I could set a preference in Roon to use .jpgs in the folder in preference to embedded artwork.

@Ludwig could you check your files before this is deemed not to be a bug?

I am not confused about my file tags: they have the images in.

But I should do some more testing to be sure of what I saw.

Was just discussing this with @Eric – thanks for the follow up.

We just did some testing:

  • I found an album that had file art in the tags

  • In Roon, I checked the art settings for the album – everything seemed correct, with the defaults intact (“Best” was selected, since Roon found a 1280x1280 cover, and the embedded image was lower res)

  • I found an even higher res cover online and changed the embedded art to a 1500x1500 image

  • Again things seemed to work properly – after rescanning the album, the “best” cover art was now the new embedded art

  • Then, I removed the cover art from the tags completely and rescanned

  • Again Roon did what I was expecting, which is that it picked up that the cover was removed and “Best” switched back to the 1280x1280 image provided by the metadata service

  • Finally, I took the 1500x1500 image and put it in the folder with the files, naming it cover.jpg

  • I rescanned and the image was picked up and became the “best” cover

There may be a bug here, but for now I was not able to reproduce. If you guys are seeing something different, let me know more about your setup, including the details of your Core platform and storage device.

Understood, it would be great if you could put this in as a Feature Request. Thanks!