Research issues

Hello. The research proposals have cruelly disappeared. Much less choice of proposals outside the content of my library (access to Qobuz ???). And where are the possible downloads in AIFF? Everything has moved to FLAC. Am I mistaken? MacIntosh iMac 27". OS Mojave.

By “research proposals,” do you mean the recommended albums that used to be on the right side of the window?

If so, roon 1.8 no longer has them, but is using other methods to suggest new albums.

You may want to watch the movie on:

For an introduction.

Merci, mais je parle des suggestions si je fais une recherche par la loupe en haut à droite… Il n’y a presque plus de suggestions.

Thank you, but I’m talking about suggestions if I do a search through the magnifying glass on the top right . There are almost no more suggestions.

Sorry for my misunderstanding.

I’m afraid I don’t use streaming so I am not familiar with this. Hopefully, other community members can help you with this.

Good luck

The search facility is still there and searches your own library as well as Qobuz (I subscribe to Qobuz).

I think what the op means is that when you start typing in the search box you are getting less suggestions based on input you have typed so far.
I thought this was the case myself as well but it did not bother me overmuch TBH.

Thanks you. I also am a Qobuz member. I seems to me I receive less suggestions from Qobuz than previoulsy.