Reset filter settings in composition browser

I am fiddling around with the composition browser more often lately and I noticed that the last filters set are always remembered when re-entering the screen.

Since I am setting multiple filters most of the time, I was wondering whether there is a function to reset all filters. Did I miss that?
I seem not to be able to reset the filters but I need to go into each filter and delete it seperately. I think a “reset filters” function would be helpful.

The focus filters are independent and are persistent, even if Roon is shutdown, until cleared by the user.
There is no “Master Focus reset” button, however each screen can have its filter reset with just one click.

If there where to be such a button, I’m not sure where it would be located, I’d not want to an additional on every page. Maybe a right click (long press) on the existing Blue “Reset” buttons might work.

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could you please demonstrate me how I can reset my filter with one click on the composition screen? I did not find a way…

Maybe explainign it better. I set two filters on the composition screen - one for composition and one for composer. How can I reset these two filters without having to go to each filter seperately and delete the text?

It’s the same as the other screens (Albums, Artists, Tracks, Composers, etc.) see this screen shot below from the compositions screen.

Note the “reset” button is only displayed if a focus is active (which is why it is not displayed on your screen shot at the head of this topic).

no - that’s if you set focus… Look at my screenshot. What if I use the filter in the columns? That’s what I meant. I have not set focus.

Using focus I have not the possibility to filter on composition

Sorry my mind was thinking about focus, my bad. However there should blue “Reset” button as well. Do you not see this when using the column filters?

What I can also see when using both filters and focus is still just one blue button, when this button is pressed it clears both focus and filters … which may not be desirable.

nope - I do not see this reset button

using build 223

Hi again, I’m running a later alpha build … and I’ve just checked all the release notes and found this:

• “Reset” button shown on Composition and Playlist browsers when filtered.

So that explains it … I don’t know when this will be in the public release but I don’t think you will have to wait too long for it.

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Ok - thanks a lot!

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