Reset Nucleus to Factory defaults

I should be able to reset my Nucleus from the Web Administration Interface.
The Web Administration Interface never showed up when I connected my Nucleus- or if it did I never saw it and can’t access it.
Where do I find the Web Administration Interface??

Hi @Thomas_Giloy ---- This article from our Knowledge Base should give you the answers you are looking for :sunglasses:

Roon Knowledge Base - “Nucleus Web Administration Interface”


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I read that article. It is useless. There is no link to the Web Administration Interface. There is no way to connect to it from my Roon app on my laptop. At least I can’t find it.
Perhaps the problem is that I had roon installed on my laptop before I hooked up the nucleus,
Should I uninstall roon from my laptop and restart the nucleus… then install roon?
Seems like there should be an easier way to access this elusive Web Administration Interface.

Hi @Thomas_Giloy,

You can access a the Web Administration Interface from within Roon by going to Settings > Setup > Configure Roon OS Devices as seen below:

Thanks Dylan. That’s exactly what I needed.
You may want to add that information to your “Web Administration Interface” instructions.

Thanks for the feedback, @Thomas_Giloy, and I’m glad that worked for you. We’ll make sure that information gets added to our KB.

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From the link eric provided, first paragraph:

Connecting to the Web Administration Interface


To use Roon to help you load up the Nucleus Web Administrative Interface, visit the Connecting to Nucleus guide.

I don’t see how you could miss that, let alone that it is useless :wink:

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I’m having a similar problem, but in my case I can’t use the web administration interface, as the roon app can’t find my nucleus+. Is there a way to reset the unit manually, via a button or some other such manner? Thanks! Dane

Resetting the Nucleus is unlikely to help in your case because it does not choose its IP address. See my reply in the other thread from just now: Roon Nucleus+ malfunction - #11 by Suedkiez