Resets to Top when clicking credits and versions buttons

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Antipodes S40

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Description Of Issue

There’s a bug when viewing an album. When changing/clicking between the different views (Tracks, Credits, Versions) the screen resets to the very top of page. Super annoying. Needs to not do this.

Hi @Hugo_Sharp ,

What kind of remote are you using? Is this happening on all remotes?

Happens on both mac osx and ipad as controller. Both controllers are 1.8.

Hello @Hugo_Sharp ,

Can you please record a short video of this behavior and post a link?

Just uploading now. Interestingly, the issue only seems to occur when the headings have NOT locked into the top-of-page location. If scrolled down enough so that the options become locked to the top of the page there is no issue.

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Hi @Hugo_Sharp ,

Thanks for the feedback and video here, I’ve passed this on to the team!

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