Resetting core computer

Posted in support section this morning, but suspect core computer need another resetting. Did that 5-6 months ago with the result that I got problems with my metadata and database. It took a while to get it complete again. If I reset computer but keep my files will that result in the same problems?

Hi Jonas, what do you mean by “resetting”? If you mean a reboot, then yes, everything should be fine. If you mean a re-install then, I’d suggest you make a backup first, so when you re-install you can restore the backup.

I mean a windows reinstall. The one where you save files. Impossible to do a backup though since Roon is totally locked.

A Windows reinstall with the “keep my files” option will not save your Roon database and settings. Only personal files in the Documents, Pictures and Video folders will be kept. The reinstall process will remove all Apps and traditional Windows applications, and they will have to reinstalled afresh.

Did you not set up a scheduled backup for Roon? If you did, then if you’ve got that on a removeable drive, you can restore a backup from that once you’ve reinstalled Roon.

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Why on earth would you need to something so drastic !

I have used Windows since 3.1 and never had to resort to this

Something is Wrong !!!

Last time Roon was really problematic a reinstall of windows fixed it. However it took some job to get everything in order in my database. Today I uninstalled Roon twice with the hope that Roon will work. Roon totally froze yesterday. But no difference. So I took a chance and installed Roon server and now I’ve been playing music for 4 hours. No problem and my CPU usage is very low. Happy for now.