Resolution change without sampling rate change

Can roon change the resoluition of a 44KHz file from 16 Bit to 32 bit without changing the resolution?



No, but why would you want to change the bit depth? All it would achieve is add zeros and increase file size.

because of i2s compatibility problems when sending 16 bit files.

Then I suggest you apply some DSP, e.g., headroom management, that will result in a higher bit depth.

You could also use USB instead of I2S.

I do want to make the i2s connection working. Right now I upsample the 44kHz audio files to 96kHz. In the process they get converted to 32 Bit. As there are almost no 16 bit files of other sampling rates than 44kHz, this works most of the time.

Is it correct, that headroom management does no resampling. But If I turn on headroom management it gets appliad to all files :thinking:
What is better resampling of all 4kHz files or headromm for all the files… ?

Headroom won’t resample, but the bit depth will change to 24 bits. Alternatively, set a custom rule for 44.1 kHz. Yes, this is applied to everything.

Neither. It’s a matter of choice. Incidently, I used headroom as an example. Cross-feed would work too, as would any DSP.

@Martin_Webster , thanks for the fast replies. I will use a custom rule for 44kHz.

For the curious I am using a DiY transport using a raspberry PI and IAN CANADA boards (reclocker and HDMI hat) to connect to a Denafrips Venus II over i2s.

Regards, Martin

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