Resolution Problem in 4K

I have a video resolution problem in my ROON. I have a 65 "4K tv and an NVidia GTX 1070Ti GPU, and I squeeze the ROON in this resolution, it happens that when it starts it shows me a screen that says that the resolution is insufficient and gives me two options, Maximized or FullScreen, the Maximized option it does not work, it stays on the same screen, and FullScreen starts the program normally and from there it works without problems, but I have to go back to window mode in order to close ROON.

I already configured the 3D options of my video card as it appears on your site, and still the problem persists, how can I solve this and execute the ROON directly without going through this initial screen ???


Hello @Ronaldo_Cocuroci,

Thanks for contacting us regarding this issue. We have seen the scaling factor in Windows settings have an effect on Roon being able to display in windowed mode, please take a look at this thread (Roon will not display on 3200x1800 screen (says: screen to small)) .

I would try changing your Windows scaling factor to something smaller as Mike mentioned here

Please let me know if that helps!


Thanks! Problem solved!

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