Resolution problem [Resolved Scaling Issue]

Whenever i open up roon, it says resolution is not correct for roon and it says to put on maximize or fullscreen, when i do this roon takes up the entire screen, i have no task bar or nothing else i can see because roon takes up the entire screen, i have to do this screen maximizing or full screen everytime i open roon, whats wrong with this, is there some type of settings i can do in order to see my other things on my screen except for just roon taking up the screen completely? Also I cannot get the roon remote connected to my windows pc, this is also the pc im having resolution problems with roon and its a desktop computer

If you click on full screen in Windows and leave it there, Windows will remember that when you shut down Roon. It will be in full screen when you start Roon next time. Now, it is possible you don’t have your screen resolution set properly to display Roon. You can right click on your Windows desktop and change your screen resolution.

Yes ive done all of this, changing the resolution settings to another setting, my computer Home Screen gets smaller and does not fill the screen, also if i set the computer resolution to a higher setting my computer home screen is to large to see everything

I got my problem solved thanks

What did you do?

I changed the scaling from 300 to 250

250 is what’s recommended for my Dell XPS 15 4K screen.