[Resolved in #1237] B1228 Album Artist tag on file "Beethoven" is ignored [Resolved]

and Album Artist on Roon “Various Artists” is forced to show up.

Hi, @Katsu_Takenaka, thank you for your report. Could you, please, share the screenshot of the whole album details page for this case?



Thank you for your response. KT

Your file metadata seems to be confusing Roon - it’s displaying a completely different Maisky album. You should be seeing this one:

The Primary Artist as “Various Artists” and the Album Artist as “Beethoven” are most likely not helping either. The Primaries should probably be Maisky and Argerich, and Beethoven is the Composer.

You are right.

What I am trying to say is that Album Artist tag on file is ignored whether it is Beethoven or Maisky. This happens not always but occasionally.

The tag thing is probably unrelated and shouldn’t happen anyway, I was just commenting regarding what Geoff had written, that Roon seems to be very confused here about the album. Sorry for distracting.

I understand what you mentioned completely. Thank you for your comments. KT

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I have found out that import settings “prefer file” is not working when Roon information is detected.

So, I have to decline Roon information and select “use basic file information” for such albums.

Please correct these metadata confusion!

I just want to use metadata on each file such as album artist, primary artist, and album title, but B 1228 does not allow me to use file metadata especially when Roin information on album is available. In other words, import settings of preferences fail to work in B 1228. This has never happened before. Please correct these metadata confusion!

With B1237, everything works fine although it took a while for Roon to rebuild the database of my 96208 tracks.

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