[resolved] Is there a better way to import ( various artists complications)

There must be a way in roon to import al cd’s by album name so that mixed artists cd’s
are imported as a hole cd in stead of pieces that are scattered.

There must be an option ( button) that say’s group all tracks with the same album name as one album.

How’re you doing it now?

I’m the process with jriver 21 to modify my metadata for various artists and then wil try an fresch import in roon.
have over 6 terrabyte of music so i want this to work.
when not i try to modify 1 album of various artists to import as one cd.


This might help. Roon looks for a couple of things to determine a Various Artist compilation.

The question is how are they tagged at present.

Roon expects to see all files belonging to a compilation in a single folder or a folder with subfolders named cd1, cd2, cd3 etc.

Files should ideally start with discnumber-track for multidisc sets and track should begin at 1 for each disc in the series, e.g. 01-01, 02-01 etc. Other than that I don’t recall it needing any special sauce to work. None of my compilation albums have an albumartist entry.

I have clean’d up my library with jriver 21.
And roon is now importing it so far so good is putting the diverent artists in the good cd’s
Keep updating this when it is completed.

Must say support is outstanding here.

And i realy love the program and the sound in combination with HQplayer.