[resolved] Metadata problem with a Yusuf album

New user here, so please bear with me…

I have an album called Tell 'Em I’m Gone by Yusuf (Cat Stevens). It was ripped from CD and well tagged. Roon recognises the album, but has it as belonging to several artists, including Bubele Mgele, Abdallah Ag Alhouseyni and several others. I’m sure all these people perform on the album, but they are all categorised as artists, and each one is listed when I use Artist view.

I can’t find any way to correct this. If I edit metadata using Edit Fields, only Yusuf or Cat Stevens show up under Album Artists, not all the others. What am I missing?

BTW, I am staggered by Roon. It has given me a whole new perspective on my music and I’m enjoying my collection all over again. Thank you!

Hi @Stephen_Dawson – welcome aboard, and thanks for the report. This is a known data issue that we’re working on.

Roon classifies albums two ways – Album Artist, which is a piece of text you can edit now, and Main Performers, which are links to the people who are considered the album’s primary artist, based on the metadata we’ve retrieved about the album. Like other links in Roon (album credits, track credits, composer credits, works), these links are not yet editable, although expanded editing is coming in our 1.3 release later this year to address this.

The distinctions between Album Artist and Main Performers allows Roon to provide much more accurate and flexible sorting of your music, and I went into (probably too much) detail about that here.

With regards to Tell 'Em I’m Gone, this is sadly just bad data – you can see here that way too many people are being called Primary Artist on this release. And I have my doubts about whether Complete is a real person at all! :wink:

I’m going to report this to AllMusic so we can get this fixed. Because these links aren’t editable in Roon yet, I would just ask that you’re patient as the data provider fixes this on their end, the new data is ingested into our system, and the album is updated in your collection.

Again, thanks for the report!

Thanks so much for the swift and informative replay Dave. Happy to wait around for this to resolve itself…

Hi @mike,

Have you ever received a confirmation from AllMusic that they are going to fix this?
With 14 primary artists this album is a big polluter of my Artist view.

@joel, you were of great help in getting the Genesis issue solved.


Do you know the status of this one?

I wasn’t aware of this one, and have moved it into the metadata support section. We should be able to get this sorted soon.

This has been submitted to TiVo/Rovi.

Yep, the change made it!
I had to manually re-identify the album, but then the artist list cleared up to just Cat Stevens / Yusuf.

How did you re-identify? I went into Edit, Identify Album, and the top option is the album in question. The description says “This is the metadata that is currently being used for the album”. If I go ahead and select it anyway, nothing changes. The spurious artists are still listed in my Artists listing.

Hi @Stephen_Dawson,

You probably have to scroll down a bit, there is a ‘Re-Identify Album’ button.

Oh man, I should have thought of that. Thanks!