[Resolved] Music momentarily interrupts while browsing in Firefox and Roon itself!

I am trialing Roon with TIDAL only for now. While I am listening to music I am browsing the web in Firefox on the same PC (Win10). When I go from page to page in the browser the music momentarily interrupts. To my big surprise it also happens when I browse albums in Roon itself.

I can’t say for sure but it does not seem to be a network capacity issue. It looks more like a CPU or other PC resources utilization issue. I am in ASIO mode in Roon. For reasons why I can’t use WASAPI please see this thread: https://community.roonlabs.com/t/cant-make-schiit-eitr-work-with-roon-in-wasapi-mode-at-all/35533

My system:
-Latest version of Roon 1.4.294 on Windows 10 x64 latest build. It was updated from 1.3 and for a short time I had 1.4.291.
-Custom built oldish PC with a i5-3550 CPU.
-I use only TIDAL, haven’t imported my library yet.
-The Core runs on Synology DS1815+ with 16GB RAM and its database on a USB SSD.

This phenomenon does not seem to happen when I am listening through the TIDAL app (WASAPI) and JRiver (local files).

I don’t know if it can be alleviated by Roon or it’s not a Roon problem. I remember that many players run threads processing and delivering music/video in higher priority. I tried to start Roon in Above Normal priority through Command Prompt. While Roon did start in Above Normal priority the other two processes (RAATServer and Console Window Host) started in Normal priority. And it didn’t help as it seems the RAATServer is important for music delivery. Also maybe it’s an ASIO issue.

I think if there was a way to run Roon and its associated processes in Above Normal priority it would have helped.

a 5-6year old CPU might not cut the mustard…despite being an i5

Edit … just noticed your running the core on a DS1815+

Hey @G_P,

I’d like to mention that Synology DS1815+ is running Intel Atom CPU which is below Roon’s minimum system requirements. Why don’t you try to install roon core on your custom build PC (its i5 CPU is more powerful than the one you have in the NAS) and let us know how it goes ?



I am going to mark this as resolved. It’s my PC that is at fault. I tested multiple times and it seems that sometimes when it wakes up from sleep it produces this phenomenon of play interruption while doing something else, and sometimes it doesn’t. Since sometimes (it looks like it’s about 50/50) there is no problem at all, I can’t blame it on Roon.

I can also report that the Core runs very well on Synology DS1815+. I also set up another PC using the same core and it works just fine, no delays etc. This PC also works with this core well when it’s not doing what I described earlier (not Roon’s fault).

Nevertheless, I think it would be beneficial for all Roon users and especially those with older computers running non-Core Roon, to run audio delivery processes in above normal priority. Please consider this.