RESOLVED (One of my Sonos speakers has disappeared, the rest all work fine)

Core Machine
Win10 v 20H2, machine info (HP Pavillion Gaming desktop 690-00xx,IntelCORE i7-8700 CPU, 12 gig RAM)

Network Details
Verizon FIOS wifi6 certified

Audio Devices
HDMI to sonos playbase
rear channel provided by sonos connect
subwoofer powered by sonos amp

office setup
pair of speakers, driven by sonos connect

Single Sonos Play:1 in bedroom

Library Size
15,000 tracks

All speakers worked in the past
Recently moved to a new home, new network
Roon connects fine to everything except the Sonos Play:1
If I use the sonos controller, I can add the Play:1 to a group, but if I switch to playing something direct through Sonos, and then back to Roon, the Play:1 has been dropped out of the group.

How do I get the Play:1 in my bedroom added to the Roon list of playable destinations?

I had some issues with 1 of 2 Play :1 I added to my system yesterday. I had to re-start Roon before it showed in Roon. You can try to reset play:1 if it this dosn’t work.

Thanks for the suggestion, I gave it a try…
I have not just re-started Roon, but rebooted my whole computer…
I just went and 100% reset the Play:1 and then re-started Roon.
It still doesn’t find my play:1, even though it does show up (again) in the Sonos controller

Issue resolved…

On the Roon App
Settings> Audio
for some reason this device was disabled, but it is no longer…

thanks community

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