Resolving library duplicate issues

When signing on to Roon I blended two music libraries on two different hard drives resulting a lot of duplicates in my albums, how is this resolved

Hey @TWH47,

If the copies of the albums on the two drives are identical (or very close, as far as their tags, and how many tracks are on each copy), Roon should detect them and only show one copy of each album – the others will be hidden. You can turn this feature off in Settings, by setting Show Hidden Tracks And Albums to Yes. It’s up to you if you want to save some space on your drive, or if you just want to ignore, but Roon should handle this case reasonably well when it’s sure the albums are duplicated.

If you do want to do some clean up, you can use Focus to filter your library to show only Duplicates in the Inspector section of Focus), and then use Edit > Delete to remove the files, but keep in mind that Roon will permanently delete the files off your hard drive, so be careful!

Let me know if that helps or if you have other any other questions or issues. Thanks!

Thanks! How does Roon prioritize the duplicate? In our case, we have two iTunes Music Libraries. One ripped using Apple Lossless and one ripped at a lower quality to save space. When there is a duplicate album, does Roon prioritize the “higher quality” rip? Thanks

Yes, even if the lower quality copy has more tracks (think of “Deluxe Editions”).

We also prioritize lossless local copy over TIDAL, as TIDAL occasionally can’t source a lossless copy of some content, and we don’t know exactly what’s going to stream until we kick off playback.

Finally, just to be clear, you can always change which copy is the “Primary” version from the “Other Versions” pop up. You can also view all the flagged duplicates (both primary and secondary copies) by focusing the Album browser on Duplicates.