Resource Use on NAS [Answered]

I have several issues still outstanding with 1.3 which I have/will report elsewhere. I wonder if Roon is making proper use of resources when running on a NAS and if a failure to do so is causing issues?

Here are two images which are interesting. The first shows the processing speed as reported by Roon of 9.6x. The second shows the load on my NAS which has amply CPU/Memory/SSD Speed available. I wonder why in this case Roon isn’t showing a much higher processing speed given the available capacity.


My Configuration:
Synology 3615 XS+ running Roon Core on SSD – Latest SW
3 Bluesound Node2 Endpoints – current SW/FW
1 Apple TV Endpoint
Netgear Nighthawk R8500 Router
Music Library = ~6000 Albums, Redbook FLAC, HiRez FLAC, and DSD

Because the 9.6x is describing the amount of 1 core’s resources that is being used; so, 9.6 means that Roon is using (100/9.6) % of 1 core or 10.412% of 1 core of your NAS.

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Got it, thank you.