Restablishing Roon after restore from Time Machine

Roon Core Machine

iMac running Monterey.

Networking Gear & Setup Details


Connected Audio Devices

Audiobyte Vox/Hub/Zap

Number of Tracks in Library

I have no idea but probably less than 30,000 tracks

Description of Issue

I have a new iMac running Monterey which I have restored from my previous iMac using the Time Machine. The old iMac was also my Roon Core, running Big Sur. The new machine is connected to the same network as the old one. On starting Roon and entering my password all I have got is a security alert telling me that a new sign in to my account has happened. It does not seem as if the core or any of the old set up has carried across so can you tell me what I should now do to get Roon working again.

If you tried to restore Roon’s database from a Time Machine backup, that is problematic.

The only way to Backup/Restore Roon’s library is with Roon’s Settings==>Backups.

See this article on Roon Backups.

Hi @Patrick_O_Connor ,

Apologies for the delayed response here, we are trying to get back to all our users as quickly as possible following the 2.0 release.

Are you still having the issue at the present time? You can try to restore a backup to Roon. If you are having issues with no audio devices appearing, you can try the reset procedure I sent you via private message as a troubleshooting step.

Do let us know if this helps, thanks!

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