Restore Backup not working with Antipodes DX2

(Robert Mosesso) #1

My external HD did crash & I have installed a new one & music is playing fine.

I went to restore my Roon backup so I could have my playlists etc & I will not restore.

I did not know if it was a Roon problem or Antipodes problem.

Note the pics I sent & let me know if it looks like I have the back ups stored in the correct place on the Antipodes

or should I store them somewhere else?

Also when I click on the restore it counts up to 81% then stops & I get a “Unable to restore messsage.


(Noris) #3

Hello @Robert_Mosesso,

Is the behavior the same for an older backup as well? I mean instead of restoring the March 23rd, does the March 19th backup have the same issue?


(Robert Mosesso) #4

Yes, I have tried 3 different backups

(Noris) #5

Hi @Robert_Mosesso,

Thanks for trying multiple backups. I would like to get your backup over to QA for analysis, can you please send the most recent backup you have over to us? I will private message you upload instructions shortly.


(Robert Mosesso) #6

Ok please do

(Noris) #7

Hi @Robert_Mosesso,

I private messaged you upload instructions earlier today, please let me know the name of the backup archive once you have uploaded to our servers.


(Robert Mosesso) #8

Sorry but gotta get some help with this, little over my head. Will keep you posted