Restore backup on Rock not working

I’ve installed ROCK by the book, made a backup of my Roon core currently running on my laptop but when restoring the backup Rock displays ‘Backup manager’ and a animating Roon logo but nothing happens what so ever. If you click outside the Backup Manager window it dissappears. When monitoring if there is activity at all (network traffic to NAS nothing happens.

What is going wrong?

Ok i just see that I have Roon 1.4 on my laptop and Rock is 1.3. To update rock I need to logon first however I cannot use my registered account unless I unauthorize my account first which sounds dangerous not knowing the restore will succeed.

How to update Rock?

BTW I just download Rock right before the upgrade using a link on a knowledge base article on how to install Rock.Should’t this be the latest version always?

I took the gamble of unauthorizing, updated Rock and now restore seems to work.

Roon can improve on error handling of restoring a backup. Report that the backup is from a higher version than the current core version instead of displaying a screen that may be seen as like it is doing something.

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Same for me here :