Restore Backup to new ROCK

I am sure this has been answered before but I can’t find it in the forum.

I am in the midst of organizing a NUC which I will install with ROCK and a 4Tb SSD

My current core is on windows so my file paths are typically

F:/MusicLibrary/01 - Rock/B/Beatles/1971 - Abbey Road etc

I will replicate that structure on the new SSD so that I can easily sync between store and NUC (I hope see below)

Clearly the Root Drive in ROCK is unlikely to be F , (Can I make it so , I have no idea and no Linux skills)

So when I restore a Backup from this core to the new ROCK install will ROCK “automagically” recognize the path and create the new path with a different root drive or I have to re load my library and let it sort itself out ?

As a second thought , I use SyncBack Pro to sync my Backups , will I be able to syncronize between a Windows PC and the ROCK ?

Mike, when I moved to ROCK, it was straightforward, but a couple of steps and choices need to be made first. This is what I did:

  1. On my old Core, copied all media files to a new USB HDD that I formatted exFAT for compatibility.
  2. Build the NUC, confirm it is working via the web interface: http://rock.local. You’ll need to add the codecs at this stage too.
  3. Install the new SSD.
  4. Open your Roon control device and deregister your current Core.
  5. Login to the new Core using the restore from backup option (make sure the backup is available on the network or a USB drive first.) You’ll note that Qobuz and TIDAL albums are available, but none of your local media files.
  6. Once restored, go to Settings > Storage and add your music folder. This will be located at Roon Opimized Core Kit > Roon Music > Your media folder. The network path is something like this: smb://rock.local/data/Storage/Roon_Music_StoreJet_Transcend_WD-WXN1A47P6ZX4_5FFD-9A68-p2/ plus your media folder. You’ll also see a CD-Rips folder here if you use ROCK to rip CDs directly.
  7. Once this step is complete, you can safely remove the old file locations. You’ll also want to update the backup settings, so these point to accessible locations.

My media HDD is a USB-C device, but it should make no difference if it is installed in the NUC. However, I wouldn’t connect the drive until after you have successfully installed ROCK.

If you’re installing the 4tb SSD in the internal SATA connection on the NUC you will need to format the drive from the WEB UI.

After the format is complete the structure will be Rock - Data - Storage - InternalStorage — when viewed from Windows - file explorer - network.

InternalSrtorage will be the high level name for the SSD. On my old W7 Desktop my library was in My Music. I used copy My Music and pasted to InternalStorage.

Not sure how you would maintain your existing file structure from there.

CD-Rips is created by the NUC/Rock ripping feature. No control over that as far as I know.

USB attached SSD will appear under Storage as shown in the display. The is my backup drive for Database backups.

Thanks @Martin_Webster and @Mike_LC

Seems simple enough, famous last words :sunglasses: my NUC should be here this week so we’ll see

Thanks again

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@Martin_Webster and @Mike_LC and @Rugby

One quickie, is there any limit to depth of sub folders ( I found a funny copying to an SD Card in Android) is there a Linux folder depth limitation ?

Currently I have

F:\MusicLibrary\01 - Rock\B\Beatles\1969 - Abbey Road > Tracks

F:\MusicLibrary\02 - Classical\B\Beethoven\05 - Keyboard\Piano Sonatas - Brendel - Analogue (OL)\CD1 > Tracks

In Classical sometimes 1 further sub folder

Will I be able to maintain that structure or is it too “deep”. I can change it but would rather not if I don’t have to

PS @danny - You Must Know :rofl:

There is no limit on depth. Rather the number of inodes. You should have no problem maintaining your current folder structure as IIRC Windows has (or had) a limit on the full path of 255 characters.

Thanks , I tried to Google it but got nowhere, I thought that may be the case

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