Restore delete Qobuz album

Hi, I was trying to delete a track on a Qobuz album, but mistakenly deleted the album. How do I restore the album; it is obviously still on the Qobuz system😀

Do you still have your Qobuz account? If so, just search in Roon for the album and find it in Qobuz and save it.

If you want to remove a track, use edit > hide track, or, as you’ve discovered, you lose the whole album.

Just the way it is…

So is there any way of restoring the album. If I go to a Roon backup will that do it, or is there an easier way via Qobuz.

As I said above, go to Qobuz in Roon and search for the Album, then add it. Yes, you could restore a Roon backup.

If I restore a Time Machine backup should that work. Or failing that, delete Roon and reinstall!

Roon strongly discourage using Time Machine backups, see here. Much safer to use Roon’s own restore facility.

Is there some reason why you can’t just go to Qobuz and add the album again? If the album has disappeared from Qobuz, then any restore won’t work anyway.

Deleted Roon and then reinstalled it and I got the album back!

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It would have been a lot quicker to just add it in again.

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