Restore don't restore date added in Albums

Roon Core Machine

Windows 10, Samsung Samsung Ativbook 9 i7-4500U 8B

Networking Gear & Setup Details

ASUS RT-AC68U , TPLink TL SG-105, core server runs on copper all the way

Connected Audio Devices

NAS, Netgear for lokal files, USB to my DAC from Core server, Bluesound 2i

Number of Tracks in Library

2100 tracks

Description of Issue

Was thinking of changing my Core machine, and made a Restore from a backup just 10 hours old, to my intended new core machine.
I usually have my albums sorted after “by date added” so the newest found music is on top, after restore, the albums where sorted in alphabetical order despite the sorting was set to “by date added”, seems the time/date for “by date added” was not restored from backup.
I store the roon-backup on Dropbox.

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Hello @Urban_Wiklund,

Thanks so much for letting us know of this :nerd_face:

Quick question, did you restore the backup directly from Dropbox?

Hey @Urban_Wiklund,

I wanted to follow up and see if there still is anything we can help with here :nerd_face:

Please, let us know if you can :pray:

Yes as i can remeber.

If you have tried to restore the backup directly from Dropbox, would you please download the backup file first and only then initiate the restore?

Dropbox has download limits in place that interfere with the restore process.

Thanks a lot :pray:

It seems odd that everything was restored ok, the only thing that wasn’t restored was the “date added” on albums. When sorting albums “By Date added” the sorting was by name, so i guess that the timestamp on when the album was added wasn’t restored. It seems odd that everything was restored but just this piece of information wasn’t, and that should be because of Dropbox, seems more likely that the information was never stored in the backup in the first place. This is many versions ago now so it doesn’t matter, I hope this information is restored next time I have to change hardware, it was annoying.

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