Restore from QNAP failed

Description Of Issue
Moving my Roon core from QNAP to NUC.

Trying to restore my Backup, but it fail “Restore failed. Please check your backup folder and try again”

What can/should I do?

Hello @Markku_Huusko,

How are you transferring the backup over, did you put the backup on a USB drive or are you restoring the backup over the network? Our Migration Knowledge Base Article provides some more in-depth steps on how to migrate from one Core to another.

Just made a backup on my Qnap and then connected NUC to the same Qnap.

Hi @Markku_Huusko,

Can you share a screenshot of the folder structure for the backup? I would also try using a USB drive to create the backup and restore it on the NUC.

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