Restore from Roon Backup very slow

Roon Core Machine

Windows 10, Lenovo Carbon X1, 16GB RAM, Core™ i7-6600U Processor

Networking Gear & Setup Details

SOTM switch, ethernet only

Connected Audio Devices

USB, Chord Mscaler

Number of Tracks in Library

600 -1200 (not sure)

Description of Issue

My Nucleus is not working any more and out of warranty, so I decided to load the core to my windows laptop, I’m restoring from my Roonbackup folder, this seems to be very slow, the folder is 359MB and resides on the actual hard drive on the notebook (after downloading from dropbox). Going on 2 hours, is this normal? I did not see the restore prompt at the bottom of login to roon , so I logged in and took the restore option from the backup settings.

Restore of backup will take time. Where do you have the backup stored? If you use Dropbox it will take forever and then some to restore.

Thanks Tor, the restore for the backup is from the local machine, the backup is on the same laptop where core is loading, so the fastest disk access. The restore was going on over 6 hours so aborted and trying again this time from the restore prompt from backup before you log in. This will be my last try, otherwise just going to start over with my collection. Thank you for responding to my question.
Kind regards

Hey @Thomas_Reid, so sorry that we missed this open ticket of yours. I recently replied to you on your other ticket regarding the Nucleus.

Backups depend on a number of things — Core machine power, database size (which depends on library size), transfer speed to the storage location, etc. Knowing a few of these details would definitely be helpful in understanding why you’re seeing that it’s loading slowly.

If the issue still occurs, would you please provide us with a screenshot of your backup settings in Settings → Backup? You can also find the exact number of tracks in your library by going to the Overview screen in Roon and sharing that with us here.

Thanks so much!

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