Restore Function Fails Numerous Times

I’m working on setting up a remote session with @Herb_Goedecke to see if i can find a space issue on that unit.

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I found the space problem there is now about 60GB available for the Roon database. Backup are still failing It’s saying there is a problem with the USB key.

Hi @Herb_Goedecke,

I spoke to QA regarding your case and it looks like there might be an issue with the backup you created from the HTPC. Have you tried to create a new backup since opening this thread or us?

I wonder if the HTPC logs report the backup as being successful, can you try creating a new backup from the HTPC to the drive, note the time you created the backup and then send the HTPC logs manually by using these instructions?

I’ve tried several new backups since I started this thread. However, the HTPC backups were never verified so this is a worthwhile effort.

I formatted the USB drive and complete a new backup tonight: Jan 13, 2020 at 7pm. The LOG files were zipped and are stored in a Dropbox folder, named “ROON”…

Noris, I am sending you the link in a separate email.

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Hi @Herb_Goedecke,

Thanks for sending those logs over, I have requested QA review them and as soon as I hear back I will be sure to let you know, thanks!

Hi @Herb_Goedecke,

I spoke to QA and they noted that according to logs, it looks like the backup procedure completed as expected. The next step here would be:

  1. Can you please confirm if you have any older backups of the HTPC core saved, possibly from when Roon was running on version 1.6?

  2. Can you please test the backup you created on the HTPC Core by using a fresh database? These steps will set your existing database aside and try to restore the backup you created for the SonicTransporter migration.

  • Exit out of Roon
  • Navigate to your Roon’s Database Location
  • Find the folder that says “Roon” or “RoonServer”
  • Rename the “Roon” folder to “Roon_old” or “RoonServer” to “RoonServer_old”
  • Restart/Reinstall the Roon App to generate a new Roon folder
  • Try restoring the backup you created from the USB flash drive
  • Let us know if the backup works/doesn’t work
  • Send a new copy of your HTPC Roon logs using the previous instructions


For item 2), I’m not 100% sure what you want me to do.

On the HTPC, are you asking me to rename the existing Roon database and try the restore from the USB key?

For item 1), I deleted old ROON backups but I’m sure I can find some on my backup NAS. How do I locate backups from version 1.6 - anything specific to look for?



Hi @Herb_Goedecke,

Yes, the test here is to see if the backup you created for the SonicTransporter restores properly on the HTPC. If it does/doesn’t please send a log package after the restore was attempted.

If you have the Roon backups saved to your NAS, pointing Roon to the backup directory will provide a listing of your older backups and what version they were created in. This was just an information question right now, I just wanted to double check if you did have older backups at all.

I suggest we proceed with testing the USB-created backup on the HTPC on a fresh database and verify if that restores as expected on HTPC.

What about the folder “RAAT Server”? Should this be renamed “_OLD” as well?

@Herb_Goedecke - RAATServer contains information regarding the audio settings, it doesn’t contain your database. You could rename if if you wish, but it wouldn’t impact the restore test.


I am pleased to report that the HTPC backup & restore on the HTPC was successful. Roon relaunched and everything was in good order … right down to the track that I was last playing. A correct and accurate backup.

Please advise on next steps.



For item 1), I searched through my backup archive and the most recent version available, other than the latest version 1.7 backups, is from March, 2019 Version 1.4 (build 306).

I cannot find any backups for version 1.6.

Hi @Herb_Goedecke,

This is a good sign, can I please request that you send me a copy of the HTPC logs from this restore? I’d like QA to make sure the logs also match up with the successful backup + restore and that there aren’t any traces which are visible in the original SonicTransporter restore logs.

That backup is quite a bit older than I thought, I’ll note this on your case files in case this backup is needed for testing. As for next steps, let’s check the logs as I mentioned above.

The Log files are in the Dropbox folder, dated Jan 15, 2020. I included the Log files for the “Roon_OLD” files as well, in case they were needed.

Hi @Herb_Goedecke,

Thanks for sending those logs over, I took a look through them and I’m not seeing any backup errors, but have forwarded them to QA to double check.

One interesting aspect here would be to know if any backups made from the HTPC fail to restore on the SonicTransporter.

I realize you have done a significant amount of troubleshooting so far, so I thank you for that. Our next test here would be as follows:

  • Set the database aside on the HTPC to have a fresh database in place as you have done before (Roon -> Roon_old)

  • Add a very small subset of your albums to the fresh HTPC database (under 100 albums)

  • Create a fresh backup to a new folder on the USB drive of this smaller database

  • Try restoring this small database to the SonicTransporter via the USB drive

Can you please give that a try and let me know if it works?

Hi Noris:

We’ve done at least a dozen restore attempts to the SonicTransporter using the HTPC backups. Each time, the restore fails at the 21% restore point.

However, I have not tried restoring a smaller database.


How would I limit the fresh HTPC database to 100 albums? Once I link the Music Folder on the NAS, Roon automatically starts adding albums.


Hi @Herb_Goedecke,

If you start the fresh database and set Roon to “watch” just one of the folder subsets in Roon Settings -> Storage, this should only import the smaller folder subset. I would disable the general “Music” directory and leave just the smaller subset in the Storage settings.


I was successful in setting up a temporary folder on the NAS called “Roon” which I populated with 120 albums. The backup of the HTPC was succesful.

Turning off Roon on the HTPC, and switching the SonicTransporter back on, I plugged the USB key into the STi9. The Restore to the SonicTransporter was successful!

Feeling emboldened, I then tried to restore the backup of the full Roon HTPC backup (which is still on the USB key) and the restore failed … but this time it went past the normal 21% fail point and instead failed at the 48% point.

I wonder why the restore went twice as long this time when normally it would fail at 21%?

I was not able to verify if the Roon database (containing the 120 albums) was correctly restored to the SonicTransporter i9 as I was getting a warning message that I could not authorize the SonicTransporter without de-authorizing the HTPC. I didn’t want to do that without understanding the implications.

I suppose we are making progress. Clearly there is some kind of issue with the SonicTransporter and the SIZE of my Roon database. We’ve established that the HTPC has no problem with backup/restore of my ROON database. We’ve also established that the SonicTransporter i9 CAN accommodate the restoration of a smaller ROON database.

I await your next instructions.

Hi @Herb_Geodecke,

Thanks for confirming the smaller database restored properly.

You are free to un-authorize and re-authroize Cores without issue. Since you have one Roon license, you are limited to one “active” Roon Core at a time, but like I mentioned you can free free to switch between them.

Let’s try logging into the SonicTransporter to verify that the database restored properly and that your albums are there. Note: You may also have to double check that the path to the media library is correct in Roon Settings -> Storage (in case the HTPC was referencing local media files).

If you can confirm that the smaller database restored properly, I’d like to get your full library backup over to QA for analysis. How large in terms of size is the full library backup? A few GBs?

Hi Noris:

Thanks for responding.

I logged into the SonicTransporter i9, de-authorized the HTPC, and - voila - all 120 albums from the small HTPC backup (taken from the temp NAS folder) are there. Everything looks good.

I’m not sure what you mean by this. I restored the files from the Lexar USB key as that is where the HTPC backup was stored. Did you want me to check something else?

The USB key has a folder called “Roon” which contains both HTPC Roon backups: the 120 Album “test backup” and the full, “regular backup”. The older backup contains the full, Roon database.

It appears to be about 5GB:

I’ve copied this folder to the shared Dropbox folder. Please advise on next steps.