Restore hangs on Mac mini

Roon Core Machine

macOS High Sierra

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Mac mini is on Ethernet. The Raspberrys are on WiFi.
Router is: Deutsche Telekom Speedport

Connected Audio Devices

Roonbridges on Raspberry

Number of Tracks in Library

ca. 20.000

Description of Issue

I’m trying to restore a backup which was made by a Nuc8 running Rock to a Mac mini.

The restore routine hangs at “Restoring Files”. No progress is visible for hours even days.

Edit: The Backup is located on a Raspberry which is mounted via SMB

Either connect the RPi to Ethernet, or attach the drive directly to your Mac.

Thank you for the advice. Both is not possible at the moment ;(
I will try to rsync the backup directory to the Mac mini’s HD.

@Martin_Webster, sadly the restore did not work at all with the rsynced directory. It fails instantly. I’m now restoring over Ethernet and it seems to hang again. (10 minutes into the restore and it’s still showing “restoring files”). Attaching the drive to the Mac would also be experimental because it is ext4, sadly.

I have not seen any working Roon restore and would expect something like a progress indicator. I would assume that I’m very early in the restore-process. Could anyone please tell me after what time the “Restoring Files” message disappears usually?

Now I learned that I have to reboot the NUC/ROCK to make it detect attached USB-drives. With such a backup the restore was no problem at all.

It seems that Roon is able to make backups over a (slow) WiFi connection but not able to restore from it. That’s an issue, isn’t it?

Hey @Peppe

It generally depends on the nature of the local network and the size of the database restore, it’s difficult to say in this case as we don’t have much network detail to work with. Using a physically mounted drive to restore a backup does tend to be more reliable.

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