Restore on QNAP Failed

Trying to restore Roon on QNAP TS-470Pro but getting message. “Restore Failed. Please check backup location…”

Version : 1.8 (build 923) stable
QPKG-Version : 2021-10-03

I had periodic backups setup on two separate NAS drives, but restoring from either (irrespective of Roon build) is immediately coming back with the ‘Restore failed’ message.

The RoonServer database is run from an external Samsung SSD which is plugged into the back of the NAS.

The problem occurred when the SSD was ejected (from within the QNAP admin page). When I opened Roon I had the message “There is a problem accessing your database”.
I plugged the SSD back in, but when I open Roon I’m asked to log in and set up a storage location etc. Almost like a completely fresh installation from new.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Hi David, do you know if the name given by the operating system for the SSD has changed? QNAP tends to automatically name any USB discs “USBDisk1, USBDisk2 etc.” If the name of the disc has changed then Roon won’t know where to look.

If you can change it back to the original name you gave it then you may be in business without delving any deeper. Was it called RoonServer?

Worth a try.

I ejected the SSD from the NAS and put it into my Windows PC.
The SSD is still named ‘RoonServer’ but I noticed in the root directory there are the usual folders (RAATServer/RoonGoer/Roonserver) but also a ‘RoonOnNAS’ folder. I placed the redundant folders into a directory named ‘Old’.
Tried the restore again and it’s working a treat!

Hi David, good to hear you got to the bottom of it.

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