Restore playlist from general (non-Roon) backup

I have a new computer but never made a “Roon backup”. I have a full backup of the old drive. I no longer have the old computer. How can I restore my playlist from the general drive backup? Where is the playlist stored?

Hello @daniel_gretler,

Thanks for getting in touch about this - it gives us the opportunity to clarify.

Your playlists (alongside all other data about the way you use Roon, including play history, edits, preferences, settings, etc.) are stored locally on your Core machine (see here details).

The link shared above should guide you on where to find the Roon database :slight_smile:

thanks so much Rebeka, just replaced the new Roon directory with the old one and everything seems to be back!

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That’s beautiful to hear, @daniel_gretler. Thanks for trying that out. Please, make sure to let us know if any issues come up :nerd_face: