Restore Roon Core to new hardware setup

Hi all!

I’m using Roon core v1.7 on an Intel NUC i5. Roon core installed onto an internal 120GB M.2 SSD, all audio data on an external 2TB USB HD-drive.

I’m backing up regulary with Roon backups.

Now I want to change the internal 120GB M.2 SSD of my NUC to a new 2TB M.2 SSD, reinstall Roon core to this SSD and also copy all the audio data files to this drive.

Technically that’s an easy way. But: after reinstalling Roon core and copying all the audio files to the same SSD - a normal restore from the previous last Roon backup will set up again my Roon database to use it as it was before with 2 drives?

If so: what is the correct sequence? Install Roon core, start, create subdirectory for audio files, copy audio files to the subdir - now add this storage path to Roon in settings or simply start restore from backup?

I ask because by this way I’ll change the path to the audio data files.

That is not supported. Please read ROCK: Getting Started > Roon Optimized Core Kit: More about ROCK’s hardware support…. You need a second HDD/SSD for internal storage.

Ok, thanks for the hint!

Hi @Dirk_Beckers,

As BlackJack mentioned, you’ll need a second HDD/SSD for internal storage (i.e. it can’t be on the same drive as your Roon database). Once you have the new drive set up, you can learn about how to move your collection here.

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