Restore Roon Database to new Nucleus device

I just installed a new Nucleus today and in the process of converting my core to the new device & restoring my database I mistakenly logged in INSTEAD of clicking on the “Restore A backup” button in the lower left hand corner. How do I go back and retrieve the back-up at this point? Very concerned that I’ve inadvertently lost all my playlists/tags which I’ve spent literally hundreds of hours creating - appreciate any HELP or advice! Desperate . . .

Settings - Backups

Thanks - appreciate the info - will check it out and hopefully we can access & make it work. Is there a particular file name we should be looking for? Any other steps??

How did you save your backups. Are they scheduled backups or did you do them manually? If they are scheduled backup’s, it’s easy…


Thanks Jim - very helpful!

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Hey @Paula_Dempsey we wanted to check in and see if you were able to restore a backup successfully? Let us know if you got stuck in the process and we can help!

By the way, thank you so much, @Jim_F! Those screenshots are an awesome guide! :blush:

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Thanks for checking in Ashley and for your input Jim - - and YES, (as of this pm) we finally got all the files migrated over! Yeah!!


Woohoo! :partying_face: Thanks for the update, @Paula_Dempsey!

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