Restore still not completed after 4 days?

Roon Core Machine

SonicTransporter i5 (Gen3) - 8 GB DDR4 RAM.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

iPad 8 GB RAM.
Win 10 - Intel(R) Core™ i9-9900K CPU @ 3.60GHz 3.60 GHz - 32 GB.

Connected Audio Devices

Cambridge DAC

Number of Tracks in Library

300,000+ tracks

Description of Issue

4 Days ago I restored a database on my SonicTransporter i5 optique set up which I love.

I did a Restore because the 8T Samsung Drive in the i5 Sonic Transporter gave up the ghost a while back. It took 3 months for Samsung to ship me a new one. In the meantime I set up a new db on my PC (which is where I have a mirrored backup of the tracks) .The restore in question is from my pre crash i5 setup … and I wanted to restore the playlists and changes etc. from that period.

All that to say, at this point I cannot even see my i5 through SonicOrbitor most of the time and when I do, CPU usage is between 25 and 50%…with one of the cores always near or at 100%. Under normal use it rarely exceeds 5-10%.

If by chance I see Roon on my network I never get through to the actual database… My feeling is the restore should be completed by now. Because I can’t actually see the database beyond the Network info provided by Sonic Orbitor, I don’t know where I am at in terms of the restore. Initially, for the first 150,000 or so tracks it was no problem observing the process of building the library. A few days ago, I could no longer get past the icon looking for the database… and that is where I am now…

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Hi Michael,

Fellow user here. A couple of comments. Your description left me a bit confused. Are you are trying to get your Sonic Transporter to restore a Roon database backup from before you sent the 8 tb off, or, from the PC you used in the interim.

Second, when you are recopying the music back to the 8tb drive, it is important to turn RoonServer off until the copy is done. You do not want Roon to think the music is new as that will leave your previous playlists and edits attached to the database records for the “old” music.

That sounds like that might be what is happening, since it seems like the ST is re-analyzing the music again (Core usage numbers). If you can go to Settings/Library, you can see if the analysis is happening. If so, turn off Library Analysis and see if the CPU usage drops.

You might want to review recommended steps for Core Migration. Here is a link to the Roon Core Migration FAQ.

Lastly, with 300k+ tracks, 8 gb of RAM seems a bit light, imho.

Have you also asked @agillis for insights?

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Hi Daniel. Thanks for your attention and comments. It was from the 8TB before it crashed ,yes.
I will look into what you describe. I cannot get into my library to investigate regarding CORE usage numbers so I am at a bit of a standstill.

I talked to Andrew and from his perspective, things were fine but he felt the core #'s needed to be addressed by ROON. He seemed to think it was a Roon issue.

RE, the number of songs… and GIG’s of RAM… the Sonic Transporter I5 has been great with no issues. Most searches take less than a second and playout seems flawless.

I am hoping more folks can weigh in on what to do if you can’t get to your settings menu in Roon to turn off Library Analysis as a first attempt at a fix. I have rebooted and turned off and on but still can’t reach the database

thanks again!.

I am not sure what “Expose Roon Database” actually means or does.

that makes two of us :wink:

“Expose Roon Database” allows you to access to Roon database over a SMB share.

More info here on this forum.

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Have you copied all your music back to the new 8tb?

thanks Andrew, that clears that up. Should it matter if that is ON or OFF in my case?

Not sure since I can’t seem to get past the “searching” Icon to get into the database.

The copying of your music back to the 8tb drive should happen with RoonServer turned off.

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I believe it is. When I can see that info on the Sonic Orbitor network again, I will check.

Leave it off unless you need it.

Ok thanks…

I got into Settings / Library ever so briefly and managed to turn off Library analysis but the Core Usage numbers have not changed… one of the 4 cores always seems to be banging 100% and the other 3 are close to 0… Roon is still essentially not usable going into my fifth day of a restore…

When you say “Restore” to me that means loading a database backup. Is that what you are doing?

Yes. Restoring a backup from before the ssd drive failed on my I5 setup.

I would stop and start over. A database restore should be minutes not hours.

I’m sure @support will help.

I was thinking the same thing but I cannot get into the database since I cannot find my Roon Core. Bit of a catch 22 at the moment. How do I talk to support directly then?

I would suggest that 8GB is not enough for a 300K track database. 16 is barely enough and 24-32 might be a world better…It is in my system

Perhaps. But until this restore issue, the i5 from Small Green Computer was flawless. And it most likely is not a hardware issue…