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Tried to complete setting up new Nucleus with several day old backup. Got error message that backup was incompatible. Cannot proceed with Roon operation

Is the Nucleus fully up to date? New ones don’t come with the latest software updates, you have to update it first.

You probably created the backup with a newer version on your old Core

Go to the WEB UI. And click “Reinstall”. This would force the Nucleus to update to the latest version of Roon and then relaunch or reboot after the update is completed. You might need to update the remote to the latest version as well.

The new Nucleus software was updated early in my setup process. Setup failed when I restored from a Roon backup only two weeks old and I got the corrupted database error. I can not access the core or proceed with setup via Roon remote. How to find Roon core IP to use a browser to continue?

Consult your router’s administration web interface, maybe?
Or use a network analyzer app on your smartphone, possibly?
Attach a monitor to your nucleus HDMI port, as I’ve read, not being a nucleus or ROCK owner myself.

As @Marin_Weigel said, but if you have a decent router it should work to simply enter http://nucleus in the browser

Thank you. This problem is resolved.

And what was the solution if I may ask?

Per advice, I used a network analyzer (Fing) to find the IP address and access the Nucleus web tools.


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