Restoring a backed up library folder

Could someone please outline the procedure for Restoring a backed up library folder. thanks

In Roons knowledge base the following is stated:

          "Other backups can be restored by clicking find backups and pointing Roon 
           at your roon backups folder. "

I could not locate “find backups” on my core iMac and I do not know how to “point roon at my backup folder”

Can someone help?

It’s the last option on the BackUp menu.


I have sent you two messages asking you to contact me so I can try to help you, is there a reason why you have not responded, I don’t mind if you don’t want to contact me but please say so if that is the case?



Russ, I did contact you by responding to your message a few days ago and giving you my phone number to call. I also have responded to each of your messages in the topic.
Sorry for the inconvenience.I need a lot of help in navigating Roon and I would appreciate any that you could provide.

Mod Edit: Phone Number removed for your protection

Hi Warren, try connecting using FaceTime via the email I provided.