Restoring a Composition

I have several albums where the movements of the work haven’t been identified properly , since Roon doesn’t recognize the Album no doubt. The Seraphin Trio’s Beethoven Trio set in this case.

I see for example 3 Movements of a Beethoven Piano Trio, they do not show as the Main Composition and 3 indented movements, just like they were 3 compositions .

How can I force these 3 into a composition . At the moment I look for that work in compositions and do not see it , I see my other 4 versions fine.

It looks like i need to “Merge” a composition, – HOW ?. I see a un-merge tool but no merge tool ?


I have found one way , by editing “Composition” and “Part” with a third party tool , it then splits properly when you make the 2 halves exactly what Roon expects but what a chore

There must be a better way…


Screen shots of Roon and of your metadata would help people assist you further.

Here is a good example, its Brendel’s Trout with Krystian Zimmerman etc


I had to “Identify” the album

I now see

The Trout is identified and Movements Indented properly but the second work the K478 Piano Quartet appears as 3 “Compositions” with the individual movements not indented

How do I merge those 3 (movements) into a composition Piano Quartet No.1 in G Minor , K478.

This album does exist but this copy was taken from the "Complete Phillips Recordings Disc # xx, does that make any difference.

It seems I have hundreds of examples .

The trick of defining “Composition” and “Part” external to Roon works but I don’t want to be doing this for other than the exception where an obscure disc is involved

Does this detail my issue sufficiently



Sorry Tabea Zimmermann !!

What did you identify the album as? Were the last 3 tracks “extras” vs. the identified metadata?

Hi Joel

The album didn’t identify , as you can see from the folder it contains both works , it exists on All Music in this format too

I adjusted the Artist and Title and re-Searched but no hits.

That was not the question. Given that the album cannot be found, the Composition is “created” on identification (I assume) and the work shows the Composition and indented Movements . The Trout shows this OK despite the album not being identified.

The Piano Quartet still shows a s 3 separate “compositions” and hence in the Composition View shows up as 3 line items. The real problem is that the Piano Quartet does not Group with my other recordings of this work. hence negating some of the value of the Composition view.

What I need is to Select these three items and Merge them into a Composition so that they show as a single composition and 3 subordinate parts. Can I do this.

I am using JRiver as well and can create Custom Tags. I already have Composition set and 100% populated manually. I created “Part” and as an experiment manually allocated the Parts. Lo and Behold Roon picked this up and created the Composition normally.

Populating Composition was fairly painless using MusiCHI Tagger to do the hard work but to now create the Parts is a whole load of Copy , Paste and Find & Replace and is simple untenable for the quantities involved.

I have imported 4500 albums on startup and I still have approx 1000 unidentified, hence a small mountain of corrections to make. I know why in most cases but Merging compositions seems in some cases the only way to overcome Roon’s Shortfall here unless I am missing something.

The main issue is that Roon sees an anotated Folder name as a new album e.g. in a box set CD1, CD2 etc reads fine. CD1 - Piano Sonatas Op.2 , CD2 - Piano Sonata Op.7 … etc cause Roon to see this as a new album which then requires manual Merging and Identification Is it not possible to “Stop Parsing” at CDxxx and treat this as a subordinate disc, when it is clearly a CD folder . For good reasons I don’t want to lose the anotations.

Currently for Classical music JRiver is winning , mainly because I can edit and group Compositions manually.

Hope this is clear as mud …




My real issue is can I manually create a Composition from its constituent parts , i.e. Merge 3 parts to Composition

As it stands if they are not merged they do not show asa Composition proper rendering the Composition View less useful, this to me is one of the key views in Roon

I have loads outstanding which is quite irritating


You should be able to achieve this with WORK and PART tags in your files.

That is a monstrous amount of work !!!

Is there no process with Roon

To do that Manually will take forever.

Neither the Composition or the Part tag is not a std tag so will never have been populated. I have comprehensively populated Composition but not Part , its a massive Copy Paste Find & Replace exercise for me for around 500 + albums


Mike. Fundamentally, is the problem that many of your albums are not identified, automatically or otherwise? How many are multi-disc sets with the structure you’ve mentioned above?

It’s really necessary to post a full screen shot in such cases.

There is much important information missing from the extract you’ve posted. Please post a full one of this disc.

Hi Ludwig,

I posted the shots above what more should I post



Yes there are many unidentifiable, I am working my way through. Some are discs within a box set but others are individual albums.

Some , like this one are from a collected set of albums. Discs within a box that wee originally single albums

My main issue is given that a disc can’t be identified, the Composition fails an hence doesn’t appear properly in the Composition view. This one shows 3 compositions and doesn’t group with my other recordings of this work. Hence a need to build my own Composition

I hope this explains my issue. I’ll post more shots as Ludwig advises


The whole Roon screen. Not just the track listing.

Maximise the window then do the screen shot.


Like so ? …

Does Compilation imply its been identified ?

But the Piano Quartet still doesn’t show as a single composition


Not necessarily as we do look at the COMPILATION tag in your files (in the case of an unidentified album). Unidentified albums have, funnily enough “Unidentified” in the album view, like this:

However, I’ve spotted the problem with this album. The metadata are from MusicBrainz and the contributor has failed to add Mozart as a composer for each of the three tracks. At the moment, we need composer at the track level to uniquely identify a composition, if it’s not provided explicitly for us.

I’ve made the edit, but it could take up to a week for the update to hit your library depending on where your album is in the metadata update round robin.

This is in Rovi with correct composer credits. I would reidentify and find the Rovi metadata.

I never saw a “compilation” marking from Rovi: it’s a sure sign of poor metadata. And it’s anyway incorrect for this album.

And composer is erroneously Album Artist.

A dog’s dinner.

You got the link?